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Electronic Enginnering in Salerno

The courses in Electronics Engineering at University of Salerno offer the study of scientific and technical disciplines that aim to produce graduates with high competence to be spent not only in the Electronic Industry but, broadly, in all that field that require the use of a "smart hardware" or whereas an even small technological development is required. For the pervasiveness that electronics is having in many fields, such as, automotive, automation, medicine, environment, sensors, the figure to be trained is to an engineer who knows how to use the information technologies in the entire industrial area. This vocation is also demonstrated by the fact that both Bachelor and Master Degree courses are provided by the Department of Industrial Engineering (DIIn), which is responsible, together with the Teaching Council of Electronic Engineering (Co.D.Ele), for the organization. Therefore, the Electronic Engineer that we want to prepare at University of Salerno must be able to use Electronics to solve problems in various fields of application, ranging from those more traditional, such as the design of components, electronic circuits and devices, to those typical of Industry such as transport and electric vehicles, telecommunications, energy management, home automation and robotics, automatic control, process control, bioengineering, simulation and quality control.


The University of Salerno deliver two Courses in Electronic Engineering:

  • The I level Course lasts three years, after which the student may choose to enter the Market  or to continue the Study with the Master Degree Course.
  • The Master Degree Course lasting two years, at which the undergraduate students can access if they meet the admission requirements.

After the Master Degree, the graduate students can choose to eventually continue with the PhD Course.

Detailed informations about the programs, the admission requirements and the job opportunities can be found at his link.

Examination Board

Informations about the Examination Boards of the current Academic Year can be found ath the following link.